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The trend of the European white paperboard Market is divided

after several months of stabilization, the price of white paperboard in Europe has recently begun to increase, among which all kinds of white paperboard made from recycled pulp are the hot spots in the market

On May 8, Mayr melnhof announced that the price of various coating recycled pulp cartons and paperboards ordered after May 17 would be increased by euros per ton. Reno de Medici subsequently announced that it intended to immediately implement the price increase of 52 euros per ton of white faced rough board (gD2) proposed in March in the following months. Other Italian companies also raised prices by 40 euros per ton in mid April. Market observers said that all companies will raise the price of such products in this month

reno de Medici said: the wave of price rise may be coming. The company will raise the price of its white faced rough board (gD2) in other European markets in June, and raise the price of this board again in the Italian market. The company said it would announce the details of its price increase in the next two to three weeks. Small and medium-sized companies pay close attention to the implementation of price increases by major companies and the rise of waste paper prices. They will also wait for the opportunity to raise their product prices. According to storer, after the weakness in the early part of this year, the demand for cartons seems to have improved considerably

compared with recycled pulp white board, the raw pulp white board market is relatively light, and the market price in the whole European region is still stable. However, according to the relevant parties, the demand of the latter seems to be healthy and normal, and the orders within two to four weeks are full. It is not allowed to attach other environmental stress to the tested products to interfere with the needs of users in the pharmaceutical industry. The situation is good, but the situation in the printing and packaging industry is relatively difficult. Market observers said that the weak advertising consumption this year not only affected the demand for low-grade mechanical pulp printing paper, but also impacted the field of raw pulp white paperboard

in terms of raw materials, compared with the recycled pulp carton and paperboard industry, the raw pulp carton and paperboard companies have not suffered the same pressure as that of customers in recent years. However, at present, the price of raw pulp has begun to rise, especially for all kinds of short fiber pulp, If the price of coniferous wood pulp is really adjusted in this month, "however, the pressure on companies will increase, but at present, many people do not want the price of raw pulp cartons and paperboards to rise before September and October this year, so most traders in the market seem to be calm at present

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