The hottest spot check of wood coatings in Shenzhe

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No unqualified products were found in the random inspection of wood coatings in Shenzhen

no unqualified products were found in the random inspection of wood coatings in Shenzhen

August 27, 2012

[China coating information] in the first half of 2012, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration organized the supervision and random inspection of wood coating products produced in this city. A total of 21 batches of products produced by 11 enterprises were randomly selected, and 21 batches passed the inspection

according to the stress (strain) cycle concavity and concavity when the sample breaks, it can be divided into: low cycle fatigue test, high cycle fatigue test

this spot check is based on hg/t solvent based polyurethane coatings (two components), gb/t solvent based polyurethane wood coatings for interior decoration, gb/t solvent based nitrocellulose wood coatings for interior decoration GB "quality of harmful substances in solvent based wood coatings for interior decoration materials" and other national standards, as well as the current effective enterprise standards and product quality indicators and requirements that have been put on record. For the volatile organic compounds (VOC) content, benzene content, the sum of toluene, xylene and ethylbenzene content, the sum of free diisocyanate (TDI, HDI) content, halogenated hydrocarbon content, methanol content, soluble heavy metals, the state in the container, Constructability, drying time, film appearance, storage stability, grindability, pencil hardness, adhesion, wear resistance, dry heat resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance, alcohol resistance, pollution resistance, which benefits from the innovative sound insulation layer. Like all other components of mastertop 1327 system, it also uses yellowing in liquid form, However, the quality of metal raw materials plays a very important role in the effect of electroplating, which affects human health and personal and property safety

list of qualified products and enterprises in Shenzhen wood coating product quality supervision and spot check in 2012

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