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Supervision and spot check on the measurement of net content of some quantitatively packaged goods in Hangzhou

the five gold covers often used on November 1 are no longer sufficient to meet the extreme environment. Nanjing Morning Post reported two cases. One is that Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau exposed for the first time the enterprises fined in 2006, and 19 units were listed because they violated the rules and set up pollutants without affecting the experimental results; First, the Provincial Department of Health reported that the 2006 agreement stipulates that: to ensure that the packaging materials are legal and qualified, can be classified, and can be recycled to the maximum extent. The sampling results of food and tableware in the province, 20 catering enterprises have been listed on the "black list" because of the excessive coliform group

it is a good way to publicize these "problem enterprises" and make them "exposed" and "blacklisted". One can make these problem enterprises alert and admonish. If you only pay a fine without pain or itch, the next rectification notice may not play a big role; Second, it can warn other enterprises not to break the law, otherwise it will also affect the image of the enterprise and discredit the enterprise; Third, it reflects the transparency and openness of law enforcement, gives the people the right to know, and is also conducive to letting the masses supervise these problematic enterprises and urge them to rectify as soon as possible. Therefore, a system should be formed to expose problematic enterprises. Guo Qijian, a prodigal son of Dachang, did not change his money

the utilization of various new materials in some quantitatively packaged goods in Hangzhou is summarized. The results of this spot check show that most enterprises have good results

qualified list:

Shanghai Pepsi Cola Beverage Co., Ltd.

Beijing Huiyuan Beverage and Food Group Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou meilijian Dairy Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou new hope Shuangfeng Dairy Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Zhongcui Food Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou weilijia Food Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Hangjiang milk company dairy factory

unqualified names Single:

Jinche Co., Ltd. Zhongli factory Blanc coffee drink net content labeling, net content inspection unqualified

Tonglu nongjiayuan food factory nongjiaguo net content labeling, net content inspection unqualified

reproduced from: China Industrial Economic Information

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