The hottest woman hit the rear of her car with 15

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Fortunately, the rear end collision caused by a woman's driving with 15 cm high heels was not injured.

yesterday, there were not many vehicles on the Liuhe ring and the longer the length of metal plates, lead screws and so on Longchi road. A Pentium car found something ahead, so it stepped on the brake to avoid. As soon as a car stopped, the driver heard a "bang", and the car body shook. It turned out that it was rear ended by a car behind

Mr. Zhang is very depressed. When he drove to huanlongchi Road, a pedestrian crossed the road, so he slowed down to avoid. As pedestrians walked slowly, he was forced to stop and wait. Mr. Zhang said that his speed at that time was not fast, nor did he brake hard, but stopped slowly. However, as soon as I stopped the car, I was rear ended

Mr. Zhang got off to check the damage. The rear of Mr. Zhang's car was dented. The car behind is another car. The front windshield is broken and the front bumper falls off. The driver of this car is a female driver

Mr. Zhang felt very strange. At that time, there were not many cars on the road, the speed was not fast, and he stopped slowly. Why did the car still hit his car? In this regard, the female driver said that it was because Mr. Zhang suddenly stopped that the rear end was hit, and it was Mr. Zhang's fault. This makes Mr. Zhang very unconvinced. In addition, all tests are carried out in the same process. Therefore, the two sides had a dispute. Mr. Zhang called the police for help

after the police arrived at the scene, the female driver got out of the car. At this time, a pair of high-heeled shoes on the female driver's feet are very eye-catching, which improves the quality of materials. The police measured that the driver of this pair of high-heeled shoes only works during the movement, and the heel is actually 15 cm. In this regard, Mr. Zhang suddenly realized, "no wonder you dare to drive in such high heels.". Finally, the female driver explained the cause of the incident. She saw Mr. Zhang stop and then stepped on the brake, but because the heel was too high, it slipped halfway, and her shoes were stuck between the brake and the accelerator. For this reason, the female driver not only failed to brake, but also accelerated due to her shoes pressing the accelerator, resulting in rear end collision

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