The hottest wittgen SP15 paver helps Lianyungang p

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Wittgen SP15 paver helps Lianyungang pavement construction

wittgen SP15 paver helps Lianyungang pavement construction

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Guanyun section of Jiangsu Provincial Road 242, with a total length of about 19 kilometers. A cement concrete crash wall is set in the center of the road, which greatly improves the safety of the road. The anti-collision wall is double-layer, 68cm high, 24cm wide at the bottom and 12cm wide at the top. The middle of the two layers is a green belt, and the whole anti-collision wall is 34 kilometers long. Jiangsu General Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. is the general contractor, and Jiangsu Nantong Xinchuang Building Materials Technology Development Co., Ltd. is the professional contractor

wittgen SP15 paver is applied to the construction of Lianyungang pavement engineering

on June 1, 2014, the professional contractor wittgen SP 15 small slip form paver entered the site for construction, and the slip form aviation aluminum alloy is the main material for aircraft and aerospace vehicles. The cement concrete body wall of the central green belt of the road. The working principle of the slip form paver is: the dry and hard concrete is transported to the hopper of the paver mold, vibrated and compacted by the high-frequency vibrating rod, and then extruded from the mold. The uniformity, strength and compactness of materials of the wall constructed by mechanized slip form are greatly improved, which is unmatched by the traditional construction method of manual formwork erection and vibration. Moreover, the advantages of mechanized continuous construction are that the linearity of the anti-collision wall is beautiful, the surface flatness rules and the production speed are greatly improved, which greatly reduces the number of on-site construction, saves costs and improves construction safety, It has won the recognition and praise of the owner and the construction unit

the fully automated process saves construction costs and has obvious economic benefits.

so far, the slip form construction technology of concrete crash wall is relatively new for domestic road construction and has not been widely used. In many similar wall construction in China, the method of manual on-site formwork erection and cast-in-place is mostly adopted. A large number of labor are used on site to install and disassemble steel formwork and manually vibrate concrete. The construction speed is slow, the operation cost is high, the construction site management is complex, and the construction quality control is difficult due to personnel operation errors

in this kind of anti-collision wall project, the average paving speed of SP 15 reaches 1 Linear meter, working one shift for 12 hours a day, can complete the workload of linear meter every day. In addition to higher machine productivity, labor costs have also fallen significantly. Driving the slip form paver requires a manipulator, a supervisor, and several cooperative staff to carry out auxiliary cement finishing, maintenance and miscellaneous work. The labor intensity of construction personnel is reduced

sp 15 is equipped with electronic elevation sensor and steering sensor to automatically measure the elevation and steering of the reference line. The electronic sensor controls the direction of the paver and the elevation of the paving structure, and the collapsible conveyor belt continuously transports the fresh materials on the concrete mixer to the mold hopper of SP 15 paver

Zhang Jianxin, the project manager of Jiangsu General Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd., the general contractor of this project, has a deep understanding: "the traditional manual paving method uses more manpower and the progress is slow. After using the wittgen slip form paver, only about 25% of the previous manpower is used, which greatly reduces the number of on-site construction personnel, ensures safety, and greatly reduces potential safety hazards."

the construction quality of traditional manual methods is unstable, which is easy to cause material waste. After using SP 15 to lay the anti-collision wall, according to the construction conditions, the professional contractor who carried out the slip form construction this time, that is, Jiangsu Nantong Xinchuang Building Materials Technology Development Co., Ltd., the owner of SP 15 equipment, in order to better cooperate with the slip form machine paving construction, a special concrete mixing plant was installed on the construction site to ensure that fresh concrete was transported to the site quickly. Five hydraulic vibrators are installed in the paver mold, and the vibration frequency of each rod can be adjusted separately, so as to ensure that the concrete material can be vibrated and compacted ideally. After the mold is extruded and molded, the slip form comes out, and the material loss is minimized. The anti-collision wall paved by mechanized slip form avoids the problems of appearance color difference and insufficient compactness that are easy to appear in manual paving, and the finished product has good linearity and strong stability

Project Manager zhangjianxin said: "This construction is also our first attempt to use the mechanized construction method to replace the original manual construction method to build the anti-collision wall. At the beginning of the project, we used a domestic brand slip form paver to operate. After many slip form tests, the construction effect of the equipment failed to meet the project requirements, especially in terms of the linearity and longitudinal height of the finished product, which also affected and lagged the whole construction progress. After several setbacks, we A professional contractor using wittgen SP 15 small slip form paver was found. After using wittgen equipment, the overall situation is quite satisfactory, especially the linearity, strength and progress of the finished products are well controlled, and the efficiency is greatly improved, which has recaptured the construction progress for us. "

the machine is more flexible and has a wider range of applications

the construction was completed by the professional contractor Jiangsu Nantong Xinchuang Building Materials Technology Development Co., Ltd. Maohongjian, general manager of the company, and his slipform construction team have accumulated rich experience in cement concrete side paving slipform after more than two years of exploration and summary, especially in the grading and adjustment of cement concrete for slipform, painstakingly studied and summarized a set of effective concrete mix proportion curves. According to different regions and different materials, concrete aggregates suitable for slip form can be mixed pertinently, which can be called an expert in slip form industry. SP 15 is widely used, which can pave kerbs, side ditches, safety guardrails, overall structures of drainage channels and sidewalks of different shapes and sizes. President Mao has successfully contracted many slip form projects in projects in Jiangsu, Guizhou, Chongqing, Henan and other regions, which are deeply welcomed and recognized by users. The company's business continues to develop and has good economic benefits. After purchasing the first SP 15 in 2011, with the expansion of business in 2013, the company of maozong purchased the second SP 15

Mao Hongjian said at the construction site: "Concrete slip form paving construction is a highly professional field, which is still a relatively new process in China, and there are few practitioners who are skilled in the construction process. Advanced wittgen slip form paver and cement concrete suitable for slip form are the key to ensure high standards of product quality, both of which are indispensable. Since the purchase of equipment, wittgen support team has provided good technical and service support, product managers Shen Ju and Zhu Mr. Jiang went deep into the construction site and trained the machine operators to discuss and solve the problems existing in technology and process with us, so that we can always be full of confidence. At present, the construction method of side laying anti-collision walls and side ditches by slip form in China is still in its infancy. Professionals are scarce, and there are high professional requirements. There are not many contractors engaged in this process. With the continuous increase of labor cost of 88 solvent free rubber asphalt waterproof coating and the increase of contractors who master this process, we firmly believe that the mechanized construction of slip form paving is the inevitable trend in the future, and the business prospect ensures that the dimensional accuracy of the car body fully meets the requirements of customers. Wittgen's Slipform Paver has stable performance, high quality standard, wide application and obvious economic effect. I am full of confidence in the sustainable development of the company's business in the future. Looking back on the past, it is a very wise strategic decision for the company to choose wittgen equipment to enter the field of slip form paving. Looking forward to the future, wittgen group, as a pioneer in the field of slip form paving in China, hopes to train more construction technicians and continue to cultivate this emerging market together. "

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