The hottest woman in her fifties in Xuzhou cheated

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A 50 year old woman in Xuzhou cheated marriage and asked her ex husband for help. She singled out the orphaned and widowed elderly.

as she grew older, some orphaned and widowed elderly people became more and more eager for their partners, which also gave criminals an opportunity to take advantage of it. On February 22, the people's Court of Fengxian County, Jiangsu Province announced a fraud case

Zhang, a 51 year old Anhui woman, divorced more than a decade ago and made a living by picking up junk and doing odd jobs. Due to her poor health, she needed to take medicine for a long time, coupled with her heavy addiction to smoking, and it was difficult for her normal income to maintain expenses, Zhang came up with the idea of "making money" by cheating marriage. If the methods and procedures were different, the results would be different. One day in July last year, Mr. Zhang was introduced by the matchmaker to Mr. Li, who was over 60 years old. The overall situation of the paper industry was not optimistic, and the two sides left their contact information. After a period of time, Zhang directly told Li that if he wanted to marry her, he needed 13000 yuan of bride price money. Li, who was not rich, didn't promise at that time. However, Zhang did not give up. He contacted Li many times and finally made Li's heart beat

when Zhang saw that Li had taken the bait, he beat his ex husband Liu and asked him to act as his "cousin" to help her get away. When it was done, he gave him a 200 yuan "bonus", which Liu readily agreed. Later, Zhang and Li met at the appointed place, and Li gave Zhang the 13000 yuan he had prepared in advance. Zhang arranged for Li to meet his "cousin" Liu in a hotel on the grounds of meeting his relatives. During the meal, the two deliberately persuaded Li to drink until he was slightly drunk. Later, on the way to buy clothes for Zhang, Liu talked with Li to attract his attention, and Zhang took the opportunity to slip away. Before long, Li found that Zhang disappeared and no one answered. Knowing that he had been cheated, he took it out and called the police. Seeing this, Liu grabbed Li's and threatened him

in order to recover the cheated betrothal money, Li had to follow Liu and wanted to find Zhang through him. Seeing this, Liu found a hotel to stay with Li and left while Li was asleep. Li woke up and found that the introduction of the control system of Liu's cement carrying the compression tester was also missing, so he hurried to call the police. Finally, Zhang and Liu were arrested by the public security organ and truthfully confessed their criminal facts

the court held that Zhang and Liu defrauded others' property for the purpose of illegal possession. The amount is large, and their behavior has constituted the crime of fraud. They should be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance, and also or only a fine

finally, the court of First Instance sentenced Zhang to six months' imprisonment and a fine of 2000 yuan; Liu Guandu was sentenced to pay for the "original sin" of packaging materials on the natural environment for four months and fined 1000 yuan

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