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Wade agricultural machinery adverse market breakout fine management to create a competitive advantage of the system

Wade agricultural machinery adverse market breakout fine management to create a competitive advantage of the system

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Guide: since this year, the market sales situation of rice harvesting machinery has been poor. Except for a good product sales of a Japanese enterprise, almost all products of domestic enterprises have entered the downstream channel. As the largest rice harvester enterprise in China, the sales volume of Jiangsu Wade Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. increased by 20% in adversity

since this year, the market sales situation of rice harvesting machinery has been poor. Except for a product sold well by a Japanese enterprise, almost all products of domestic enterprises have entered the downward channel. As the largest rice harvester enterprise in China, the sales volume of Jiangsu Wade Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. increased by 20% in adversity, achieving competitive growth, such as Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Anhui and other main sales regions. Compared with the sales volume of some enterprises that fell by nearly 50%, the sales volume of ward is even more valuable. It is understood that as of August, Wade agricultural machinery has sold 10000 rice harvesters of various types. Recently, the company is still shipping nearly 200 units to the market every day - a considerable number. Some well-known enterprises have recently delivered only sets to the market every day. For this year's market position, the executives of ward agricultural machinery have a bottom in their hearts

Zheng Xinyi, director of ward's marketing department, is happy that the current mainstream model of rice harvester market, double drum and longitudinal axial flow, has accounted for 80% of the total sales this year since the company achieved mass production last year - which shows that the company's product transformation and upgrading has achieved substantial results. In particular, Wade's "new Ruilong" rice machine, due to its high efficiency and reliability, was picked up by dealers as soon as it was offline. Last year, more than 9000 Wade "dragon" series rice machines were sold in Heilongjiang alone. This year, Wade will continue to meet this considerable market segment with differentiated products. At present, wode has 2.9m and 3.2m cutting high-powered products, and has built Sanjiang and other agricultural reclamation operation zones in Heilongjiang. These products have won the favor of users

in addition, the production and sales of Wade tractors this year also increased by nearly 40% over the same period last year. Ward's 4-row, 6-Row and 7-row corn harvesters have also made a good start, and are expected to achieve 500 sales this year

under the general situation of homogenization of competitive factors, what does ward agricultural machinery rely on to take the lead

at present, the price of Wade agricultural machinery is not the highest among similar domestic brands, and it is even thousands of yuan lower than the price of the same product of an enterprise. However, due to its strong self-made ability of parts and components, it has a strong advantage in cost control, which also makes it thousands of yuan lower than its competitors There is still room for profit

this is due to the strong casting and machining advantages of Wade group, which owns Wade agricultural machinery, Wade precision machinery, Wade heavy industry and wade plant protection. Ward group mainly started as a machinery manufacturing industry. Wade precision machinery (machine tool) was IPO in Singapore in 2006. Wade plant protection, such as alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel), cold working die steel, is a leading enterprise engaged in the export of plant protection machinery in China. The key components of public agricultural machinery, such as transmission system and gearbox, are basically produced by enterprises themselves. In the 800 Mu factory of wode Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Bancheng Town, Danyang City, we can see that the company's production workshops for piston sheaths, valves, single cylinder machines and multi cylinder machine crankshafts and other parts account for a large part of the area, and the general assembly line is "hidden" in the huge machining workshop

the strong self-made rate of parts and components of Wade agricultural machinery has two major advantages. First, it saves a lot of transaction costs, which makes Wade more competitive in price; Second, the quality of parts can be well controlled to ensure good product quality of the whole machine

backed by the big tree of Wade group, Wade agricultural machinery has great convenience in the integration of human and material resources. For example, in terms of labor and equipment resources, you can ask for people and goods from other brother units in the peak season, while in the off-season, you can share people and idle equipment with them. In this way, it not only increases the stability of enterprise personnel, increases their income, but also improves the utilization of equipment resources. Wang Weiyao, the founder of the company and chairman of the group, independently manages the operation and management of ward agricultural machinery, and increases support for the development of ward agricultural machinery at the group level, with the goal of listing

the diversification of products also gives enterprises a strong ability to resist risks. Specialization has the benefits of specialization, but specialization does not mean a single product. At present, Lovol heavy industry, Chery heavy industry, Shandong Wuzheng and Changfa agricultural equipment are all enterprises involved in grain crop harvesting machinery, tractors and other products. Therefore, even if the market sales of certain products decline, other products are likely to maintain growth and "hedge" the adverse impact of the market. On the contrary, those enterprises whose products are single and cannot meet more consumer needs and choices can only swallow the bitter fruit. This is not uncommon in the operation of agricultural machinery industry for many years

in addition, due to the large product line width and sales volume, large-scale enterprises such as Wade agricultural machinery can purchase raw materials in batches, saving another piece of cost. The combined operation of multiple products in the late delivery period not only reduces the sales expenses of the enterprise, but also greatly improves the profitability and enthusiasm of dealers. According to Zheng Xinyi, at present, the brand franchise of Wade tractors and harvesting machinery has accounted for more than 80%. In recent years, Wade has optimized its channels according to the sales ability, three guarantees coordination ability, asset scale, local reputation of dealers and other indicators, and has to adjust 20 or 30 dealers every year

a series of comprehensive advantages make Wade agricultural machinery still have strong "pressure resistance" flexibility and sustainable development ability even in years with poor sales situation

since this year, the president of Wade group has added its strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.) Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface Wang Weiyao proposed that wode agricultural machinery should have two advantages: first, service advantage. This year, the company continued to increase the investment in services, and added 20 circulation service vehicles to follow the trans regional operation team to provide maintenance services and parts support in a timely manner. Hu biyou, vice president of Wade agricultural machinery, believes that outsourcing services to dealers has a negative side. Many dealers are the first to make money, and some can be done without doing so, which saves them. It is not conducive to timely listening to user feedback, improving products, and cultivating feelings between manufacturers and users. Previously, ward also made a commitment to exceed the national Three Guarantees, extending the three guarantees from one year to two years. Second, internal management control to improve product quality and reduce costs. Wang Weiyao believes that product quality comes first, otherwise no matter how good the marketing means are, it is useless. The good equipment conditions of Wade group also fully ensure the product quality. "You see, our transmission parts are formed at one time, and the quality of self-made parts is completely controllable." Zheng Xin always introduced. In the wode workshop of pressure testing machine debugging method, I saw a distinctive quality slogan "establish the concept of quality legal system", which always reminds employees of their quality awareness

on the premise that the hardware and software are fully in place, the quality of ward's products continues to improve every year. In some areas this year, many users who originally bought foreign brands switched to ward agricultural machinery. "If the quality is not strong, we dare not promise three guarantees for two years." Zheng Xinyi said proudly

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