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Wofeng technology intelligent customer service system presses the shortcut key of digital transformation in the real estate industry

this paper is transferred from China's real estate, which makes a comprehensive analysis and Discussion on the field of intelligent customer service

original "Wofeng technology intelligent customer service system presses the shortcut key of digital transformation in the real estate industry"

text/correspondent Wang Xiaoou

when it comes to artificial intelligence, people first think of robots in the movie, "terminator", "matrix", "mechanical public enemy" the world controlled by artificial intelligence robots on earth always feels terrible and far away. In fact, artificial intelligence is not far away from 98.07, and it is not terrible. It provides services for us in invisible places around us

AI services in China have a wide range of scenarios, including security, finance, retail, transportation, education, medical treatment, manufacturing, health, etc. The giants of real estate enterprises, such as country garden, Vanke and Midea real estate, also began to deploy intelligent services early

after the epidemic, China's real estate industry may usher in new changes. The gradual loss of dividends, the end of shed reform and destocking, and the third upgrading of consumption structure have changed the overall environment of China's real estate market. The traditional profit model based on land is no longer applicable, and real estate is facing multidimensional transformations such as product structure, profit model, industrial direction, development concept, etc. In the process of upgrading, all links of internal management and external service system need to face a lot of problems:

the full scene intelligent customer service system based on cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technology can bring all-round and intelligent service management upgrading and optimization to real estate enterprises

(Wofeng technology full scene intelligent customer service system flow chart)

01 intelligent omni-channel service without omission

real estate enterprises have a wide range of business and serve many customers. Taking country garden as an example, its business includes property development, construction and installation, decoration, property management, property investment, hotel development and management, and it is necessary to provide a variety of high-quality services to more than 3million owners. This requires a powerful customer service system to respond to customer service information from different regions, different business sectors and different needs anytime and anywhere. Therefore, country garden has been upgraded to Wofeng technology udesk full scene intelligent customer service system. Through this system, customer consultation, feedback, suggestions and complaints can be handled through various channels such as Weibo, e-mail, app, mobile official, PC official, etc. at any time and anywhere. Customer service personnel do not need to switch repeatedly. They can talk cordially with users from all channels on one platform, process information from different sources at the same time, and quickly record and solve problems

02 there is no omission of intelligent marketing information

with the business upgrading of the real estate industry, the business segments are increasing and the forms are becoming richer. The traditional marketing mode relying solely on manual work can no longer meet the business needs. At present, the mode of "Internet + real estate" is becoming more and more extensive. Many real estate enterprises have opened Internet businesses such as house viewing, renting and signing contracts. The expansion of a large number of online businesses is difficult to rely on manual implementation

in this regard, AI intelligent outbound call function can solve most problems. Taking the AI intelligent outbound call system of Wofeng technology as an example, it adopts the human-computer integration interaction design, the seamless combination of voice robot and manual, the intelligent filtering of robot, automatic marking, rapid manual operation, and carries out return visits and marketing for key customers, so as to successfully complete the transformation of business opportunities. It can not only complete a lot of marketing work, but also manage the customer life cycle. Due to the large transaction amount, it is difficult for customers connected to the tail vertebral body screw in the real estate industry to reach a transaction quickly. Using AI intelligent outbound call system can manage the whole life cycle of customers, mark and view customer information at any time, and 360 customer portraits. Jingji'nan new time testing instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 to capture sales information and ensure the integrity of services

03 smart Park care without omission

with the development of 5g technology, an important direction of future real estate development is to build smart parks. Wofeng technology AI system plays an important control role in building smart parks. With multi-channel access to all intelligent applications in the park, the service process is fully recorded and supervised. At present, the self-service customer service robot provided by Wofeng technology for country garden can solve the automatic response and intention recognition of customers in the process of consultation and outbound marketing, and provide the management entrance of knowledge base. The supervised training robot can improve the accuracy of robot intention recognition and response, and carry out the diversion and screening of customer service work for enterprise users, Reduce the seating cost, take the initiative to care, become the owner's intimate housekeeper, and improve the owner's satisfaction

with the gradual saturation of the market and the transformation of people's consumption level and consumption habits, the core of enterprise competition in the future has begun to change from simple product competition to service competition. In the process of enriching service forms, relying on artificial intelligence to optimize and upgrade and promote the improvement of internal management level and external service level of enterprises will become the key to development, with pressure on both ends

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