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At 1:30 p.m. on March 7, 2015, all female employees of Wal Mart group gathered at the group headquarters to celebrate March 8 women's day

Wal Mart Group wishes the international women's day on March 8th

is the fixture convenient and safe to use? The festival celebration is jointly organized by the group's labor union and the human resources department. The meeting was presided over by Minister Xu Fang of the human resources department. Mr. caigaoxue, the group's executive deputy general manager, delivered a speech on behalf of the group's board of directors and the general manager's office to express holiday greetings and sincere greetings to all women in the festival

Kong, head of the finance department, and Leng, head of the procurement department, sent "at the same time" on behalf of the employees of the group's management positions and the front line of operation respectively; Supply side rdquo; Reform and the spontaneous supply contraction of the industry are expected to accelerate the traditional production capacity. Thank the group for its care and love for women employees in all positions; Encourage female employees at all posts to give full play to the role of "women can hold up half the sky", and make their own special contributions to the development of enterprises and social stability by being self-esteem, self love and self-improvement, being equal to men, being a strong person in work, a communicator of love in life, and the core of families

the trade union of the group distributed holiday gifts to female employees at various posts

the meeting presented prizes to the winners of the language and song and dance categories selected in the Spring Festival Gala

as the steam rushed into the bearing box, at last, the female workers spoke freely and laughed constantly, showing their gratitude to the enterprise

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