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The competitiveness of the Western packaging industry needs to be improved (Part 2)

countermeasures to improve the competitiveness of the packaging industry

there are many influencing factors to improve the competitiveness of the Western packaging industry. The development of advantageous enterprises is a key link. Without the rapid growth of a number of advantageous enterprises, all measures to enhance the competitiveness of the packaging industry are difficult to play their due role

a. strive to create a good environment conducive to improving the competitiveness of the Western packaging industry. With the development of economic globalization, the economic ties between countries in the world have become increasingly close, and the flow of capital, technology, talents and other resources has increasingly broken through national boundaries. The promotion of domestic market integration will enable commodities and factors to flow more smoothly throughout the country. In this context, which is very important for long-term utilization, the influence of the economic environment on regional advantages is increasing. Therefore, it is particularly important to improve and optimize the development environment. The continuous improvement of the quality of the growth environment for industrial competitiveness requires that on the basis of creating a good economic environment in an all-round way, we should highlight the foreign investment environment, and gradually accept the optimization of the development environment of steel structure residential decoration enterprise groups, the entrepreneurship and growth environment of scientific and technological, small and medium-sized packaging enterprises. The improvement of the competitiveness of the packaging industry in the western region needs the support of several advantageous enterprises and a strong group of small and medium-sized enterprises

b. firmly establish the concept that winning competitive advantage depends on science and technology. The development of Western packaging industry must increase investment in science and technology, and comprehensively realize the sustainable and healthy development of packaging industry. Generally speaking, scientific and technological progress is a key factor in the formation and development of local industrial competitive advantage. To enhance industrial competitiveness, we must unswervingly and vigorously promote technological progress. In the absence of natural resource advantages, as long as we can be at the domestic advanced level in technology, we can also grow a group of enterprises with competitive advantages

c. establish an enterprise system that meets the requirements of market economy. The establishment of modern enterprise system is the prerequisite for the emergence of advantageous enterprises. The scientific and standardized corporate governance structure is the vitality of joint-stock enterprises. From the situation of most provinces and regions across the country, most of the advantageous backbone enterprises have grown up through joint-stock transformation and the introduction of joint-venture grafting technology. In addition, there are some emerging from technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises. After joining the WTO, wholly foreign-owned enterprises may become a new source, but the role of state-owned large and medium-sized packaging enterprises will not be significantly weakened soon. Therefore, we should establish an enterprise system that meets the requirements of market economy, improve the corporate governance structure, and further strengthen enterprise management

d. joint venture and cooperative operation with foreign companies with strong technical and economic strength while doing well in regional alliance and cooperation. According to maydal's theory, it is impossible for underdeveloped regions to achieve economic take-off alone. At the same time, developed regions cannot build their prosperity on poverty in other regions for a long time. The cooperation between the two is mutually beneficial. The development of Western packaging can do a good job in joint and cooperation in the western region, as well as with the central and eastern regions. In addition, the Western packaging industry should cooperate with foreign companies with strong technical and economic strength. Using the funds and advanced technology of foreign enterprises, especially multinational companies, to graft and transform is another important way to create Western packaging enterprises. Since multinational corporations began to invest in China in the late 1980s, the vast majority of investment projects have been concentrated in the eastern coastal areas. According to the data of the China Industrial and commercial enterprise information center, as of October 1998, the investment in the eastern coastal areas by the four major source countries of multinational corporations from the United States, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom was as high as 80.5%, 82.9%, 76.6% and 84.1% respectively. Although the western region has also accelerated the speed of attracting investment in recent years, there are few methods and insufficient efforts. With China's accession to the WTO, the entry competition of foreign capital will be carried out on a larger scale. The Western packaging industry must seize this historical opportunity and increase the intensity of attracting investment to multinational companies, which is very important for the development of the Western packaging industry

e. give full play to the role of the capital market and do a good job in capital operation. Capital operation is an economic phenomenon produced in the practice of developing socialist market economy. Compared with the production and operation, it is a higher-level recycled plastic granulator as the main processing machine, which will have the economic operation mode of a large number of customer groups, and it is a new trend worthy of vigorous exploration to adapt to the development of market economy. Through the implementation of capital operation, it is conducive to the optimal allocation of assets, the optimization of structure, the rapid development and maturity of large groups, and the exchange of the minimum reform cost for the maximum reform results. All enterprises should combine restructuring and reorganization, implement various forms of combination, merger, leasing, contracting, divestiture, separate operation, joint-stock transformation, sale and other forms, adjust the stock assets of enterprises, improve the capital structure of enterprises, improve asset operation efficiency, and accumulate strength for the development of enterprises by absorbing increment, joint venture, transferring stock, joint-stock operation, transfer and linkage, and cooperative development, Add vitality

f. face the market and produce marketable products. In the final analysis, the competition of enterprises is the competition of technology and products, the competition of technological development and product innovation ability. Whoever has first-class products will have the market, and who will take the initiative in competition. Packaging enterprises should improve the technical content of products according to market needs, cultivate a scientific and technological team that can meet the requirements of market competition, accurately grasp the basic trend of consumption, do a good job in the upgrading of products, and constantly optimize the product structure. At present, we mainly research and develop high-performance and functional packaging materials and products to replace traditional packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing packaging materials and packaging waste, and achieve sustainable development

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