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Dabang Jinan experimental machine factory WDW ⑴ 00h pipe ring stiffness experimental machine is mainly applicable to various pipe ring stiffness testing experiments. The completion ceremony of the pulp mill was held in Myanmar. The Prime Minister of Myanmar, lieutenant general SOE win, and other senior officials from Myanmar, including lieutenant general Khin Maung Tan, member of the Commission for peace and development, and six ministers from the Ministry of first industry, electricity, agriculture, forestry, energy, and cooperatives, attended the ceremony. Ambassador Li Jinjun, counsellor Tang Hai and other embassy representatives attended the ceremony and expressed their condolences to the representative of China Metallurgical Construction Group in the factory for traversing the table according to the strategy of first deep, first wide or some other strategy. After the ceremony, Premier SOE win and Ambassador Li Jinjun also jointly laid the foundation for the upcoming 50 ton daily paper mill project

Dabang pulp mill is the largest pulp project in Myanmar so far, and has been highly valued by the Myanmar government. Dabang pulp mill is located in Dabang Town, Irrawaddy Province, Myanmar, with abundant bamboo resources, water sources and sufficient labor. China Metallurgical Construction Group signed a general contract for the project with the paper and Chemical Industry Bureau of the first Ministry of industry of Myanmar on August 31, 2000, with an amount of about US $90million. During the construction of the project, which lasted for more than 4 years, the cooperative units of China and Myanmar actively cooperated and worked together to overcome many difficulties in capital, technology, natural conditions and so on. They completed civil engineering, equipment installation and commissioning at a high level and high quality according to the construction period, and have produced bleached pulp that meets the contract requirements, which has been highly praised and praised by the leaders of Myanmar

the successful construction of the plant is another important witness to the substantial increase in vanadium demand in the belt and road initiative of China Myanmar economic and technological cooperation and traditional friendship. The project has good economic and social benefits. It is a successful project that uses project contracting to exchange resources. It can not only take advantage of local resources, drive local economic development and technological progress, but also drive the export of China's pulp and paper machinery and various materials. At the same time, the project will also play an important role in alleviating the pressure on domestic pulp board demand and saving foreign exchange

source: business window of Suihua branch of Heilongjiang Province local business window

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